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ISP Change Management

Ever Ran in to a problem with the ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) not providing what they have to deliver . At Ground Wire computers we do this for you. we would arrange all the meetings with selected Best ISP for the Business and your Home office needs . We would make sure the change of the ISP is slimless and your Business will face zero down down time with the switch over.

As the role of Internet driven business grows, the reliability of connections and constant availability of services is an absolute necessity for corporations. Because of the risk of downtime, corporations have become very adept at making their networks highly available by implementing solutions such as redundant gateways, firewalls, switchers, routers, and other highly available network components. However, even with the use of such methods, the corporate network can be subject to outages if a network link, such as an ISP, fails.

During Ground Wires experience ISP failure comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. For example, your ISP could be taken down by a Denial of Service (DoS) attack or by a malicious virus or worm. Outages may also occur from a routing mis-configuration by the ISP, which may take some time to locate and rectify.
ISPs can also be brought down due to non-technical reasons such as a network line that is cut due to road construction, the ISP filing for bankruptcy, or some physical catastrophe such as fire, earthquake or flood. Whatever the reason, the result is the same; despite all efforts to make your network highly available, your connectivity comes to an abrupt halt just the same.

Or Having to many Dropped Skype and VOIP Calls costing you more Money ?

Ground Wire Computer Understands your Business and your Home office needs, these troubles can lead to overhead cost to any Business . We are here to take care of this problem changing an ISP for your Business we will be able will handle everything for you.

Our Service Includes :-

• Selecting the ISP
• Arranging Meeting
• Swtichover Internet Connection
• Change Router Settings
• Change Domain Records for VPN
• Replace Router and Modem
• Communication Room Patchover
• Re Configure Mail server
• Change Firewall settings
• VOIP switch over
• Gateway Configuration
• Resetup Proxy Server
• Document Change over
• Configure redundant Inter Connection
• Internet Filter and Proxy Server Re-configuration
• Bandwidth and QOS management setup

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