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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Ground Wire Computers primary focus is to understand your business needs and to provide a level of service that minimizes your business down-time and ensures that you have a understood everything we have to offer our services to you . below is the Frequently asked question .

Q. What is Ground Wire computers ?

A. Ground Wire computers provides hassle-free, expert tech support to consumers, small businesses and medium enterprise , including retailers and other Networked solution provides. Our Support team , have assisted over 1000 consumers with their PCs and a wide range of devices including printers, routers, home networks, digital cameras, MP3 players and more.

Q. What type of services does Ground Wire Computers offer?

A. Ground Wire Computers offers Break FIX and Managed Service plans. Our Managed Service plans provide you complete access to our IT support team 24/7; 365 days a year to help you get the most out of your technology.

Ground Wire Computer's services include virus and spyware removal, optimizing a slow computer, troubleshooting of common computer problems and setup and training of your home network, printer, digital camera and more.

Q. How do you support customers?

A. You can contact us by phone or e-mail. As a customer you will usually speak to a skilled engineer immediately. We don't€™t employ help desk staff who just take calls and pass them on. As well as telephone support, we use remote control software tools which allow us to resolve problems on your computers quickly and without losing time in travelling. However, we don't€™t hesitate to go on site if a problem can be best solved that way. And we like to have face to face meetings where we can sit down and discuss your ongoing plans. You can tell us what you want to be able to do and we can help you develop a plan to suit your business and budget.

Q. Why is remote support better than traditional tech support?

A. Remote support is safer, more convenient and faster than traditional tech support. Ground Wire computers can fix technology problems remotely using safe, secure and proprietary technology that allows you to watch every step of the process.

With remote support, you don't have to hassle with unplugging your computer and taking it anywhere, unsolved issues which we can not be fixed remotely we dispatch out Support team to be fixed.. Remote IT support Rates are much Cheaper.

Q. What do I need to get Remote support?

A. All you need is to be by your computer and a broadband Internet connection.

Q. What hours is GWC IT Support available?

A. Ground Wire Computers is available 24/7; 365 days a year to help you get the most out of your technology. Only for Managed Services Customers , our Urgent Support rates applies to Break Fix Customers

Q. If I can get somebody cheaper, should I use them instead?

A. Its always possible to find someone cheaper, but cheap rarely represents good value in managed services and support. We pride ourselves in providing the best technology services for your business our Support Level of expertise are a Level of Enterprise IT support to your small Medium business needs.. Many IT service companies look to put a sticking-plaster fix on your computer network problems so they can appear cheaper and win your business. This allows them to charge you more money in repeat site visits because they never get to the root of the problem. Our approach is to help you build a solid reliable computer network that supports your business over the long term. That's what we see as value for money.

Q. Do we need an internet connection?

A. Yes a managed service needs a broadband DSL or better connection with static IP. If you don't have a broadband connection, we can install one for an additional fee.

Q. Why are you better than other IT support companies?

A. We care about providing the results you need quickly, whether its a fault to be fixed or a new system to be installed. We recognise the importance of customer service and its more than just words to us. We call you back when we say we will, turn up on time and keep you informed of what's going on. If this isn't true of your current support company, perhaps you should give us a call. We will give you a very straightforward opinion should you require any advice.

Q. Do i have to pay if Issues is not FIXED ?

A. All Ground Wires services come with a NO FIX NO FEE POLICY . In the unlikely event that our IT support team couldn't resolve your problem or our fix didn't work, You don't have to pay us a bench feel may apply for inspection of the problem.

Q. How do I sign up for a service?

A. Visit the Ground Wire computers Services page online or call us at +679 9246911 or e-mail us on support We are available 24/7; 365 days a year.

Q. How is your managed service different from remote support?

A. A managed service is very different from remote support. Most IT support delivered to small companies is what is called break-fix. In other words when it breaks somebody fixes it. Some IT companies will put a quick fix on your network problems to appear cheaper and win your business. Then they charge more in site visits because they never really fix the problem. Many of these companies have started performing this sticking-plaster service remotely, but there is still no problem prevention going on.

What many business owners don't realize is that most of the day to day problems that you experience with your computer network can be fixed easily and inexpensively. A managed service is about continuity of care for the long term. You don't pay on the basis of an hourly rate, but instead by simple single monthly or quarterly payments. With a managed service your system is regularly managed and maintained to prevent problems happening in the first place. Problems will occur “ though in a much smaller number “ and well troubleshoot and fix them using an internet connection.

Because were responsible for your service over the long term and because we don't charge an hourly rate, we will get to the root of the problem to stop it recurring, at no additional cost to you.

Q. Someone told me our systems might not be secure. Is that true and should I be worried about it?

A. Its not a very nice thing to think about, but unfortunately problems do happen whether its a virus in your system or a fire which damages your premises and destroys your data. Protecting your data is vital. You first need to put in place a secure data backup system, then have processes in place for recovery of data in the event of a disaster. We can help you assess your level of risk and ensure you can recover vital business information so you don't lose business. Well help you secure your current systems through anti-virus, spyware and spam systems, and well keep you online by ensuring you have a plan in place if your laptop or desktops are stolen.

Q. Do we need licenses for our software?

A. The short answer is yes. Using copied software of software without licenses is illegal and can result in serious penalties

Q. What is outsourced IT?

A. Outsourced IT is the process of sub-contracting your technical support to an IT company specializing in areas relevant to your business.

Q. What are the benefits of outsourced IT?

A. Outsourced IT is more cost effective than hiring in-house technical staff. It also gives you access to a large bank of expertise with a team of qualified technicians at your disposal.

What does Client login do

A. IF you are our managed Service Customer we will provide you piority number to request non urgent IT support online , or view Job reports . And Download latest update for your business software. Or also coemptive prices you can pay directly online.

Q. Isn't it cheaper to have our own dedicated IT support services staff?

A. It will frequently be cheaper to outsource IT support services than to pay for in-house staff. This will depend greatly on the size of the company and the number of computers and associated services requiring support. But as a rule of thumb, the smaller the business, the bigger the overhead cost of a dedicated IT support person. For instance, a good in-house support person with experience is likely to cost you at least 20 -40K at Fiji rates. In addition, there will be up front recruitment costs, and ongoing management costs along with holiday pay, sick pay etc. Outsourcing your IT support services to western and eastern based Ground Wire computers means you only need to pay for service when you actually need it.

Q. Our systems don't have very many problems do we really need IT support services?

A. Ground Wire Computers IT support service does more than fix problems. We can carry out a range of scheduled maintenance designed to prevent problems arising in the future, such as creating and testing backup systems, regular upgrades, virus checking and more. These types of services are insurance against a range of common but potentially devastating problems for your business, such as data loss, slow running machines causing productivity problems, and damage from malicious software.

Our Break FIX service allows you to only pay when problems actually arise. But it also means you have an existing relationship with a reliable IT support provider who can be called up if anything does go wrong.

How can we explore Managed Service but without getting into a long term contract with someone were not sure of yet?
As well as a range of support contracts, we offer an Break / FIX service too. This works well for companies that don't want to commit to monthly outgoings. But its also a great way to try out Ground Wire Computers services before opting for a longer term support plan. We will be delighted to carry out some initial work for you so you can experience our response times, expertise and professionalism 

Q. Our IT support guy is a nice person, but he's hard to get hold of – when are you available?

A. Your local IT technician was probably okay when your IT requirements were simpler, but perhaps he doesn't have the expertise you need now, or perhaps he hasn't€™t invested in his business to give you the kind of support you know other companies are getting. Unlike the independent technician, we have the tools and expertise to manage your technology both remotely and on site. That means that you don't have the delay, inconvenience and most importantly the cost of getting an expensive engineer to your premises. We can support you remotely at the click of a mouse. Our team is available during business hours and well stick with your problem until we get it solved.

Q. What methods of payments can I use?

A. Ground Wire computers accepts all major credit cards online. For your added convenience, you may also make fast and secure payments through PayPal®. or request us an online payment invoice from us on or directly from us .

Q. Which platforms are you supporting? Apple Mac?

A. We support both Windows and MAC through our on site service. Our remote service is only available for Windows at this time.

Q. How quickly will you have a technician physically dispatched to my location?

A. We can usually have a tech out to you within 2 hours. In some cases, depending on your location the wait time may be longer. You can be sure we will work hard to have one of our experts visit you expeditiously. Please Read our terms and conditions on the response Time.

Q. Who is doing the work?

A. The troubleshooting of your system is performed by one of our industry certified technical experts When you call us to request service, you will speak to one of our Senior Technicians or trained customer service representatives who will find out details of your problem and delegate it to one of our expert technicians.

Q. How long it typically takes to solve a problem?

A. Most support sessions take about an hour to hour and a half. The session may be much shorter or longer depending on the number of and severity of issues. In some cases when a computer is heavily infected with viruses and/or spyware, work may need to continue by doing an in-home or in-office on site visit by one of our certified technical experts.

Q. whats's my Customer Numbers

A. Your Customer Number is always quoted you Service Bill , Upon requesting service at times we may ask you for your customer number . The customer numbers are always last 4 to 5 digits of your main phone number .

Is It Safe and Secure?

A. Yes. When you connect to one of our certified technicians, the connection is encrypted using a 256-bit key. The same high level of security used when transmitting sensitive information online when using online banking or purchasing from reputable retailer.

Also, you are in complete control of the remote session and can take control of the mouse anytime or you can end the session immediately.

Q. Why Does Ground Wire Computers has one Support number

A. Ground Wire Computers believes in answering all calls at one location by the senior technicians. Managed Service Customers are offered a different service number piority Numbers then the standard numbers .

Each technicians or account manager assigned to you will provide you with their special request numbers .

Q. Does Ground wire computers sells software & Hardware

A. Yes, We do sell Softwares and hardware on special orders only , orders can take 2 , 3 weeks for delivery from our overseas suppliers. unless our products pages indicate we have in stock .

Q. How does the service rate works ?

A. Once you call the support line, If you are our managed Service Customer , will directly start assisting you by the plan you taken from us . There is no call out fee for Managed Services customers and urgent fee does not apply .

Break fix customers or per incident Customer . A Call out fee will apply and plus the Service Rate to your invoice , Refer below.


• Call out Fee - 66.00
• OS Rebuild - 150.00
• Material - 0.20

Urgent call out e.g..

• Emergency call out fee - 99.
• OS rebuild - 150.
• Material -0.20

Ground Wire computers Invoices are Simple and comes with complete work order information and when service has been done .

Q. Why Ground Wire Computers has different Online Service Rate

A. Ground Wire is contributing in growth of ICT development of the E- commence business in Fiji islands. Online Rates are special and beneficial and much faster way of doing business and paying on time for the service

Q. What if my business already has IT staff?

A. Several of the businesses working with us also employ a part-time or full-time member of IT staff. By eliminating the need to work on low-level, repetitive tasks, we free up your staff to focus on long-term strategic technology objectives. These could include:

• Intranet portal services for employees
• Extranet portal services for customers
• Line of business applications
• Employee technical training
• Database development and management
• Application performance reporting
• Management of digital dashboards
• Website development and management
• Aligning IT goals with long-term vision of the management team
• Professional training and certifications

Q. What sort of companies do you work for?

A. Our customers range from small offices of two or three people to multi-national companies with 100s of staff. They include private and public sector organizations as well as charities. For many small businesses we act as the main IT resource whereas with larger companies we work to support the in-house IT department and provide specialist skills or extra manpower as and when required.

Q. What else does Ground Wire Computers do apart from IT support?

A. We can organise office relocations and purchase of IT equipment, including desks with cable management and telephone systems. We can even help you dispose of old equipment, which is now required by law. We can provide advice on almost any aspect of computing, networking and telephony from virtualization and cloud computing to backing up your data and specifying and choosing hardware from top level suppliers. We can even assist in setting up finance options to make your up front costs minimal. Visit our IT Services Section.

If you have a question about anything to do with computing, telecoms or networking from the technical or from a business point of view, we would be happy help.

Contact us today for all your 24X7 System Monitoring needs . On +679 9246911 or e-mail us on

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