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24X7 System Monitoring
Ground Wire Computers primary focus is to understand your business needs and to provide a level of service that minimizes your business down-time and ensures that you have a reliable and stable network. Ground Wire Computers Managed Services will provide you with a range of Pro-Active Support Agreement to choose from that will create a partnership between your business and our IT Support team. We have developed and been working with the leaders in System Monitoring services for Business needs.

24 Hour 7 Days 365 days a year . Our system keeps and eye on your machines behavior what it does, which problem is has and we ensure we fix them on time before them happen . The Hassle of manual updating antivirus days are over with Ground Wire Computers Managed Services . 24/7 Monitoring makes conventional IT support a poor alternative. Rather than wait for you to notice that a system has failed – often involving your resident expert making things worse our 24/7 monitoring will alert us to problems with your systems. We'll almost always know about a systems issue before you do, so we can fix it quick and reduce your business disruption.

Remote monitoring system is much more than a simple ping test to make sure your server is online. Ground Wire actually remotely accesses the services on your server (such as SMTP, POP, MySQLl, Web, FTP, etc.) directly to ensure that the services are actually online and responding fast enough for normal operation. Other monitoring services fall short in only seeing your server online, but not realizing certain applications (such as a mail server) could be in distress or offline altogether

Ground Wire Computers also provides comprehensive trending reports for long-term management of your network infrastructure. Here are some examples of what we can provide you for systems and network trending:

• Machine Changes Report - We can easily track changes on a per-machine basis by comparing the current audit information (hardware specs, disk space, installed software) against the baseline audit information. We will highlight and compare the differences between the audits.

• Network Statistics Report - Our system generated Reports display the network bandwidth consumption by machine or individual application over a configurable time period.

• Uptime History Report - We can easily view machine uptime status over a configurable time period and determine if a machine is online, offline or has been shut down abnormally. We can use the SystemIQ data to track server uptime, faulty workstations or to be notified when remote users are online.

• Monitor Reports - these reports are particularly useful for trending since they allow us to see data collected by windows performance counters and SNMP objects over a configured time period.

SNMP Monitoring

Through SystemIQ SNMP Monitoring, we can monitor print servers, firewalls, routers or any other SNMP-compatible device on the network. By installing a single SystemIQ agent on any machine in the LAN, we can easily monitor an entire network within minutes. SystemIQ SNMP Monitoring includes many popular MIB sets from award-winning technology vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Sonicwall, Dell and others.

Event Log Monitoring

At Ground Wire Computers , we will keep a watchful eye on your servers, workstations and even laptops in the field. SystemIQ Event Log Monitoring provides us with an easy method to collect, analyze and archive the Microsoft Windows Event Logs to a central location. The locally installed SystemIQ Agent continuously sends the Application, Security and System Event Logs in real-time to the SystemIQ Sever for review and analysis. SystemIQ comes with many pre-defined Event Log sets for popular application vendors such as Veritas, Microsoft, Trend Micro and many more. We can add custom Event Log monitoring sets to monitor any of your installed applications.

Windows Performance Counter, Services and Processes Monitoring

At Ground Wire Computers we will use in-depth troubleshooting tools within SystemIQ to monitor and diagnose Windows services and processes. We can set notification alerts when services fail or when a particular process consumes too many resources

Managed Services means that we Become your IT department for your business . Think of us as your company's very own IT department without all of the cost and management overhead. Our team has a broad range of skills and qualifications to ensure that you always have the right know-how to leverage off.

Our Service Includes :-

• Hour System gets and Alert when a system stops working
• E-mail services are working 24x7
• Backup's are being run successfully each day
• Antivirus software is being kept up to date
• Hardware is performing within an acceptable threshold
• Event logs are checked for anything important
• Hard disks are not running out of space .
• Strategic planning and implementation for your Business IT needs
• Help desk IT Support
• Ensure your VOIP system is working
• 24 x 7 network/security monitoring
• Remote and on site support for your staff
• A fixed monthly fee
• Pro-active Support
• Guaranteed response times
• Regular meetings with your Account Manager
• A Web portal to log support calls
• Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity planning
• Windows Event logs
• Hardware and software changes
• Alerts on specific file changes and protection violations
• Disk space running low on computers
• Computer online/offline status
• Traveling users with notebooks connected
• Alert messages and recipient configuration
• Automatically discover all devices on your network (LAN and WAN)
• Easy view of all known and unknown devices

Contact us today for all your 24X7 System Monitoring needs . On +679 9246911 or e-mail us on

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